World War Z

Movie year 2013 IMDB 0816711
Release Date2013-06-21 Score7.30/10
United Nations employee Gerry Lane traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments, and threatening to destroy humanity itself.
Genre: Drama , Horror , Thriller , Action , Sci-fi
World War Z(2013)

by florin22e,2013-06-24 02:09:28

Would be better if people would stop recording it in 3d. Would also be nice if there would be different cam versions than one terrible one until the dvd/bluray comes out.

World War Z(2013)

by dtdavis,2013-06-23 08:16:45

The entire bottom part of the screen is blacked out by chairs. Will wait. Cam blurry as well.

World War Z(2013)

by darklord7676,2013-06-22 23:18:25

Good zombie move, can't wait until better copies get uploaded. This 1 was worth the wait.

World War Z(2013)

by WWzPlease,2013-06-20 09:44:23

Sure its my Pleasure, and there's a couple threads with links to check out on WWZ. (Myself ILL WAIT). meh lol
FYI: IMHO: CAM is blurry needs lightened, has parts cut off like bottom of screen, and YES @tdwl1211, it does seem like part is missing from CD1 very beginning, but its FREE, until next cam comes out.
SOON I HOPE!I am sure someone out there's lightening it up, and cropping better, and making it into one full movie, but hopefully another NEW CAM will arrive sooner Rather THEN Later. Enjoy the Solar Show Experience. Cheers..

World War Z(2013)

by Flicker2013,2013-06-19 15:56:04

@Flicker2013 Thanks for the posted forum links and explaining the 2 part upload. Very grateful for the links!!!

World War Z(2013)

by ReneeRose29,2013-06-18 22:29:44

Allmyvideo is the first part ( i guess the first minutes are missing ) and filenuke the second part.
It's not as good as I expected but the cam is terrible ( still thanks a lot to the linker ) Video 3/10 and audio 5/10
Best thing to do is wait for a better cam, wait for the dvd version or go to the theater :D
Thanks again !

World War Z(2013)

by Darthintrepid,2013-06-16 23:26:14

Am I wrong or is the filenuke link only one second?

World War Z(2013)

by Sheiz,2013-06-16 11:19:23

xtwebmaster's LINKS are FULL VIDEO| the 2cds were combined. Enjoy.

World War Z(2013)

by Flicker2013,2013-06-16 07:47:07

It's a pretty fast war.

World War Z(2013)

by rysliv,2013-06-14 23:29:34

to the linkers thanks again on another link but i will have to wait for one with better quality but good work though


Higher Learning(1995)

by freecbc3,2013-06-24 13:24:28

wow it is cool You want to chat with me


by biancanjax,2013-06-24 13:23:35

really boring im afraid to say :P i really didnt enjoy this much, way below average, but still may like it, so still give it a try :)

Little Manhattan(2005)

by jvbqmddu,2013-06-24 13:23:09

Nothing's as big as your first love.

Little Manhattan is a cute and charming film that puts low-level self-proclaimed romantic comedies to shame.


by countermania,2013-06-24 13:22:42

dvdrip megavideo link added

Then She Found Me(2007)

by amreika88,2013-06-24 13:22:16

@sirbradley and Japaneza1966
i like Citizen Kane as well and i can be a film snob. But this movie isnt IMDB250 movie.
Pay attention to every comment Guy Pearce makes in dialogues, in a way its funny, but also kinda annoying when realizing its all he does.



by Flicker2013,2013-06-24 13:21:50

One of the funniest films ever. It has loads of naughty potential, but Maggie Gyllenhaal is so hilariously solemn, you can't help but laugh your kecks off. Brilliant, amusing, sassy and well worth watching. 10/10

Hero Wanted(2008)

by klnotarianni,2013-06-24 13:20:57

`ha Awesome, Thank you

The Girl Next Door(2004)

by MasterofMovies120,2013-06-24 13:20:30

I liked it :) Putlocker best ;)

My Neighbor Totoro(1988)

by senddown,2013-06-24 13:19:38

Watched the ByteMyAss putlocker links - A-10/V-10. 2 young girls go to live in an old house in the countryside next to a large forest with their father. The eldest daughter looks like a young kiki from kikis delivery service so were on to a winner already! The magical black soot even makes a first appearance! (if you've seen spirited away - come see their cousins!) Shortly after they move in they find there's more to the forest than the birds and the bees and have lots of enchanting child fun with the spirits. It recaptures the magic of childhood and makes you think if you brought a sprinkle of that in to your own life, you would be the better and the happier for it.


by zacb2103,2013-06-24 13:18:19

links please..... been out for over a month...

Day Watch(2006)

by hostagedk,2013-06-24 13:15:40

Among normal humans live the "Others" possessing various supernatural powers. They are divided up into the forces of light and the forces of the dark, who signed a truce several centuries ago to end a devastating battle. Ever since, the forces of light govern the day while the night belongs to their dark opponents...


by jacobsr,2013-06-24 13:15:14

,Ha thats so nice, like it.

My Bodyguard(1980)

by imarobot,2013-06-24 13:14:21

A fine story, Chris Makepeace gives a wonderful performance. Enjoyable and it has a wonderful message. Well written with excellent character development.


by brandonlee01,2013-06-24 13:13:55

i've watched Mama -loved it!!
Sinister too -REALLY liked that one -was pretty clever!
Not heard of Grave Encounters -shall check it for disturbing....HOW disturbing are we talking?...maybe inbox me?? (I have no idea how this works!LOL!)...
OOOHHHH check out The Silent House if you haven't already -there's a Spanish one and an American one -I watched the Spanish one first (it was made first)....i prefer that one...but that's just my opinion!! = )

Bulletproof Monk(2003)

by filmhunter,2013-06-24 13:13:29


Eyyvah eyvah 2(2011)

by wjqchqeb,2013-06-24 13:13:02

hihi its nice & wonderfull

The Road(2009)

by mynameisntearl,2013-06-24 13:12:09

was a great movie, struggle to survive in harsh reality while holding on to the last threads of humanism...

I Am Number Four(2011)

by FundorSwift,2013-06-24 13:11:43

that was good ! i liked it ! really ? no sequel? are u sure hrusai ? :(


by pops.lazaro,2013-06-24 13:09:58

Titanic romantic film, I think it's far from the truth it tells the story of love and not the story of my father Alaadab already limited and in any case it is close to the truth a little but I was not sufficiently

The Gingerdead Man(2005)

by Justover6,2013-06-24 13:08:39

Ha oh. Just good